Start Date: It’s an on Going Program.
Time: Morning 6.30 AM IST
Language: Hindi/English

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The aim of Healthy Me program is Physical, Emotional, Mental as well as Spiritual well being of body through specially designed classes of Yoga asana, Breathing Exercises, Meditation, Dietary Changes and Lifestyle Changes.


  • Good Physical Health, Reversal of all kinds of illnesses.
    • E.g. Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Thyroid, PCOD, PCOS, Digestion Problems, Asthma, Constipation, obesity etc and any kind of mental and emotional problem,
  • Increase in memory and concentration
  • improvement in your daily meditation routine.
  • Feeling of lightness and cheerfulness throughout the day.
  • Improvement in sleep.
  • Deep relaxation

Amazing results in 30 days.

Weekly review of your Health.


Our body is made up of five elements i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Healthy Me program focuses on balancing of these Five elements and Seven chakras.
A program based on Diet lifestyle and yogic techniques, Asanas and Dhayan.

  • Class frequency: 5 Days in a week
  • Class duration: 1 hr
  • These Classes are divided as follows:-
    • Monday – Yoga to balance element Fire.
    • Tuesday – Yoga to balance element Earth.
    • Wednesday – Yoga to balance element Water.
    • Thursday – Yoga to balance element Air.
    • Friday – Yoga to balance element Space.
  • Recommended Course Duration For Best Results: 90 Days
  • Energy exchange Fee:
    • Fee for One Week Rs 1999/-
College Student Discounts
  • College students can show their current college ID card to get additional 20% off.
  • Repeaters – If you want to repeat this course then you can do so by paying 33% of total fee.
Fee Notes
    • Fee once received will be non refundable.
    • Fee once received is non transferable i.e. It won’t be adjusted in any other course.
    • Fee is subject to change without prior notice. So, by paying fees in advance, you are not affected by any price changes.
    • International students
      • People residing outside India are considered international students.
      • Fee for international students includes priority support outside our working hours.

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