Tentative Start Date: Saturday, 2nd July 2022
Time: Evening 7 PM IST
Language: Hindi/English
Teacher: Ritu Om
Location: Online(Zoom)


  1. See Fee and discounts below.
  2. Batch will start with Min 5 students

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Aim of Chakra Healing

The aim of chakra healing program is to cleanse and energize different energy centers in our body, leading to self growth and a life of freedom from negativity.

Certified Chakra Healer

By going through the classes related to certification, you can become a certified chakra healer. You will

  • Understand cause and effect and why we need to heal
  • Understand how imbalances within the energy body and chakras can be related to ill health
  • Understand the seven major chakras and how to heal and keep them clear
  • Understand the emotional content of the chakras
  • Relate the chakras to the endocrine glands and organs of the body

Benefits of Chakra Healing

  • All hidden suppressed emotions which blocks abundance, growth are released.
  • Chakras are energized with pure energy.
  • It will help to cure physical, mental and emotional illnesses.
  • Energetic blocks to spiritual progress gets removed thereby enhancing power of manifestation.
  • It increases flow of money, power, intelligence.
  • Divine connection gets established.
  • Freedom from negative thinking, overthinking.
  • High self esteem, confidence and courage.
  • Increase in memory and concentration.
  • Sharpening of awareness.
  • Able to meditate effectively and powerfully.
  • Manifestation Power increases

List is endless of benefits derived from chakra healing & balancing.


* College Student DiscountAdditional 20% discount, if you are a College going student and are not doing job.
Note: You have to show your valid college ID card.

Classes Details & Fee

Note: See Discounts & Payment options in next section

  • Chakra Balancing classes: 7
    • Energy exchange Fee:
      Get 15% off Rs 29,750/ USD 595 earlier (Rs 35000/ USD 700)
  • Theory classes (mandatory for certification): 5
    • Energy exchange Fee:
      Get 15% off Rs 12,750/ USD 255 earlier Rs 15000/ USD 300
  • Class timing & frequency:
    • Weekly or daily, as group decides mutually and final time also as per mutual convenience
  • Class duration: 1 – 1.5 hrs.
    • You will get audios of all chakra Balancing sessions blessed with pure energy.
    • Various other tips will be shared to balance chakras.

U.S.D. vs I.N.R. prices

USD Prices – are for people who are Foreign nationals OR they are residing outside India.
INR Prices – are only for people who are resident of India AND are also physically residing in India.

  • All Fee for chosen package is to be paid in advance.
  • Fee once received will be non refundable.
  • Fee once received is non transferable i.e. It won’t be adjusted in any other course.
  • Fee once received is forfeit if the services are not availed within 180 days.
  • Fee is subject to change without prior notice. So, by paying fees in advance, you are not affected by any price changes.
  • International students
    • Foreign nationals or People residing outside India are considered international residents.
    • Fee for international students includes priority support outside our working hours. 

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Chakra healing meditation starts at 4:00

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